:Setting Up Your Email


Outlook Express is bundled with most versions of Windows, except Vista which uses "Windows Mail"

This tutorial is based on the settings used by clients hosted by Maybury IT, if you are using another mail provider, please adjust your details as necessary.

For the purpose of this tutorial, the following details are used, please replace it with the details provided to you;

Users name: Joe Bloggs
Customer Domain Name: www.acmeinc.com
Email Address: joebloggs@acmeinc.com
Mail Server Type: POP3
SMTP Authentication: Required
  (default for Maybury IT Clients)
  1. Start OUTLOOK EXPRESS by double clicking the icon on your desktop or left clicking the link in your start menu.

    Outlook express link
  2. Go to Tools then click once on Accounts

    Outlook Express - Click Tools Menu, Then Accounts
  3. This will bring up the Internet Accounts window (Click to enlarge)

    The Internet Accounts Window - Outlook Express
  4. Click on the mail tab to bring it to the front, this will show only email accounts in the list.

    Now click ADD and select MAIL from the list of account types. This will open the new account wizard.
  5. The new account wizard is fairly self explanitory, however we will guide you through the steps required to complete the wizard - and set your account to send a username and password in order to send mail too!

    Firstly enter your name as you would like other people to see it in their inbox when your mail arrives at their computer. Examples would be:

    Joe Bloggs
    Mr Bloggs
    Customer Services ACME Inc.

    Once you have entered your name, click Next
  6. Now enter the email address provided to you:

  7. Now we get to the nitty gritty of your email set up. (click to enlarge)

    Enter your mail server details - Outlook Express

    Your email servers are the computers that your computer connects to in order to receive its mail, or to send mail to other people.

    Leave the top setting as POP3

    Enter your incoming email or pop3 server address (or name) into the box marked, "Incoming mail (POP3, Imap or HTTP) server"

    e.g. www.acmeinc.com

    In the second box, marked "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server" enter your outgoing mail server address, as provided by your service provider.

    e.g. www.acmeinc.com

    Enter your mail server information - Outlook Express

    Now click Next
  8. Now enter your username into the box marked "Account Name" - your username will be your email address - however the @ symbol should be replaced with a + sign.

    e.g. joebloggs+acmeinc.com

    Enter your designated password into the box below (marked password).

    Click Next.
  9. Click Finish

  10. Finally -

    1. Click on the new account showing in the Accounts window (jblogs@acmeinc.com)
    2. Click Properties on the right
    3. Click the Server Tab at the top of the new window
    4. Tick the checkbox next to: My server requires authentication
    5. Click OK
  11. Finally click Close

To test your new account - click Send/Recv in the toolbar

Click Send/Recv in the Outlook Express toolbar

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