:Setting Up Your Email- Thunderbird

This tutorial is based on the settings used by clients hosted by Maybury IT, if you are using another mail provider, please adjust your details as necessary.

For the purpose of this tutorial, the following details are used, please replace it with the details provided to you;

Users name: Name
Customer Domain Name: www.domainname.com
Email Address: user@domainname.com
Mail Server Type: POP3
SMTP Authentication: Required
  (default for Maybury IT Clients)

To configure Thunderbird, please follow these steps:

  1. In Thunderbird, from the Tools menu, click Account Settings.


  1. From the Account Settings screen, click Add New Account.


  1. Select Email Account and click Next.


  1. Enter your name and email address and click Next.


  1. Select POP as the incoming server type.
  2. Enter the Incoming Server, mail.domainname.com.


  1. Check Use Global Inbox to store mail locally, otherwise it will be stored in a separate folder.
  2. Enter the Outgoing Server, mail.domainname.com.


  1. Click Next.
  2. Enter your full email address as the Incoming User Name and click Next.


  1. Enter an Account Name and click Next.


  1. Confirm the information is correct and click Finish.


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