SLData - Redesign Website

SLData's Website - Complete redesign by Maybury ITSLData required a much more 'business-like' web site than their existing one.

After several meetings, a new design was created which matched his requirements, resulting in his new, much more professional site.

With more updates to come, Steve's site is bound to stand out in the Networking Solutions field.

Our input: Redesign of existing site in XHTML/CSS, Search Engine Optimisation.
Aman Holistic Therapies - Shopping Cart

Aman Holistic Therapy Shopping Cart Website Designed By Maybury ITWorking on behalf of Digital Dreamers - the Aman Holistic Therapy Cart was designed and implemented as a plug in to

Their existing server wasn't suitable for running an automated shopping cart, so we designed a separately hosted cart based on our up and coming QuikCART system.

Our input: PHP Mysql integration. Paypal IPN cart. Design of Cart Site primarily using CSS and XHTML. Hosting and maintenance. Web Server Optimisation.
Bill Anderson Driving School

Bill Anderson Driving School  Website Designed By Maybury ITBill Anderson wanted a web site which would provide an internet identity which reflects his driving school and teaching style.

The site was also to provide all of the information his students and potential students needed to know - test info, lesson details, car information, frequently asked questions.

More recently we have been asked to integrate with this site, this is a current work in progress.

Our input: Design, research, online promotion, flash creation, maintenance, hosting - Shopping Cart

F1 Model Helmets Shopping Cart Website Designed By Maybury a site that specializes in full size & 1/2 scale F1 drivers helmets and rare Minichamps F1 cars in all scales.

Site features a fully working shopping cart accepting credit card payments via merchant. Enormous product database with a unique approach to displaying the catalogue.

Our input: Redesign, conversion from ASP to PHP, Access to MySQL for speed improvement on new servers. New credit card processing scripts and catalogue scripts.
The Florida Store Ltd

Aman Holistic Therapy Shopping Cart Website Designed By Maybury ITThe Florida store used Maybury IT extensively in the redevelopment of their company sites.

A complete redevelopment was undertaken for their main site, which specialises in villa sales in Florida. Smaller company sites 'bolted on' for specialized areas.

Through the Florida store site we have also produced many vacation homes and developments sites for their clients and home owners.

We also now host the site after their previous host fell short of professional requirements.

Just a quick note to say thanks for accomplishing what you did by moving the email servers for us! I have had better email results in the 2 days this week than I have had in 2 months. Emails that I thought had been delivered have just bounced back. I resend them and within minutes I have a response.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jackie at The Florida Store Ltd

Our input: Web design, internal contacts database system, agent database system, networking, intranet software design and implementation. Search Engine Optimisation. Hosting.
Learner Drivers Help - Shopping Cart

Aman Holistic Therapy Shopping Cart Website Designed By Maybury ITLearner Drivers Help was an idea spawned by a very good driving instructor who is interested in moving his business into new areas.

The site has been so successful that his initial worries about integrating this idea with his main site have been dispelled - now Learner Drivers Help is becoming part of

Our input:design, document editing / rewrite / pdf creation, Paypal IPN system for automated online payments/product send, hosting
Matched Pairs - Antique Shotguns Bought, Sold, Located and Paired

Matched Pairs - Reuniting pairs of fine english shotgunsMatched Pairs web site offers unrivalled antique shotgun buying and selling opportunities since it is visited regularly by thousands of subscribers from Britain and abroad who share a passion for fine guns.

Where Joe Hall and Matched Pairs Ltd succeed above all others is with their shotgun matching / pairing service, his dedication to this task is unparalleled.

One of our growing number of clients seeking a more realistically priced, customer orientated service.

Our input: Web Site Maintenance, tutoring and support, hardware supply and maintenance, scripted solutions and general web administration. Search engine optimisation taking his site to the top 5 for ALL of his desired keywords through 2005 and 2006. - Rehost / Convert

Matched Pairs - Reuniting pairs of fine english was a simple HTML tabled site created with little search engine assistance. Maybury I.T. were asked to update the site, register it with the search engines and convert it to XHTML / CSS.

Our input: Rehost, update, optimise and convert to CSS/XHTML compliant.

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